General information on the Company

"Elektroprenos-Elektroprijenos BiH" a.d. Banja Luka was established by the Law Establishing the Company for the Transmission of Electric Power in Bosnia and Herzegovina ("BiH Official Gazette" number 35/04) and was created from power companies in Bosnia and transferring the assets, liabilities and ownership rights over the property necessary for the transmission of electric power and activities related to the transmission.

The Company deals with the transmission of electric power and everything else related to the transmission of electric power, which includes, but it's not limited to, the transmission of electric power, maintenance, construction and development of electric power network in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The activities of the Company with natural monopole on the market are regulated by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC). The Company is organized in accordance with territorial, procedural and functional principle of clear division of competence, responsibilities and authority. The organisation of the Company provides technical, technological and economic unity of electric power transmission activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, efficiency in work and business, management and decision making.

The Company consists of four operational units for operation, maintenance and expansion of transmission system in the following territorial areas:

Operational Area Banja Luka, with its head office in Banja Luka, including two filed units: Banja Luka and Bihac

Operational Area Mostar, with its head office in Mostar, including two filed units: Mostar and Trebinje

Operational Area Sarajevo, with its head office in Sarajevo, including three filed units: Sarajevo, Zenica and Visegrad

Operational Area Tuzla, with its head office in Tuzla, including two filed units: Tuzla and Doboj

You can see the map of Operational Areas here...

All Operational Areas have the status of the Company's parts/branch offices, they do not have the status of legal entities but they do have certain authority defined by the Company's Statute and special acts of the Management Board. They also have sub-accounts and transaction accounts in banks and they are registered according to the Company's place of registration.

Company's ownership structure

Shareholders have at their disposal the Company's initial capital in the following ratio:
The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina 58.90%,
The Republic of Srpska 41.10% .